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CROIX MARON Cognac : the History of a Passion ...

... passion of generations of winemakers, distillers, cellar masters, ambassadors of taste and tradition who cultivated since centuries the best of nature's gift. 

From then to now, terroir and savoir faire coupled with an increasingly rigorous selection have made CROIX MARON Cognacs  a true signature of quality and a guarantee of authenticity and savoir vivre.

from yesterday to today
Hesternus opus, hodierna virtus - "yesterday's pain is today's strength"
the legend of the knight de la croix maron
Legend has it that double distillation was invented by the Chevalier de la Croix Maron, Lord of Segonzac, a pious man who dreamt that Satan was trying to damn his soul. In his dream, he saw himself in the Devil’s cauldron, but his faith was so deeply anchored in his soul that it resisted the first “cooking”. To achieve his ends, the Devil was forced to “cook” it again. When he woke up, the Chevalier had the idea of extracting the “soul” of eau-de-vie with a second distillation.

This is how the legend on the origin of the discovery of double distillation for Cognac eaux-de-vie was perpetuated in the region.  

Distilled in the heart of the region where Cognac draws its roots, according to the same centuries-old methods, CROIX MARON Cognacs are, still today, the legacy of this tradition.
an independant house

Established in Segonzac, in the very heart of the Cognac appellation, CROIX MARON Cognacs are a human-sized structure for handmade product with a rare quality requirement. 

They are characterized by the expression of their land of origin: Grande Champagne, Premier Cru de Cognac, renowned for the quality of its cognacs. 

CROIX MARON Cognacs are the history of a passion and the expression of a know-how passed down for generations. 

Exceptional cognacs by the unique expertise of each stage of their production process. 

A range of genuine and authentic cognacs, fine and élégant.

a unique know how

From the vine to the glass, throughout the elaboration process of CROIX MARON Cognacs, key words are Mastery and Selection.

It all begins with the vine. CROIX MARON Cognacs are produced from vines with a moderate yield, trained according traditional method. Once vinified, those wines, exclusively from limestone soil of Grande Champagne, will produce the finest and most elegant eaux-de-vie.

Distilled according to the famous traditional Charentaise double distillation method so called "à repasse" in low capacity stills (less than 20 hectolitres), These eaux-de-vie of an exceptional quality are the result of a careful selection of the best flavours of the wine. They are distilled from unfiltered wine (on lees) which gives them a silky texture and a certain flavor intensity.

Once distilled, the eaux-de-vie will be matured in French oak casks for years or even decades for the most promising and so extract all the qualities of wood while letting go the "Angels Share". Given that the aging potential of eaux-de-vie from Champagne terroir distilled on lees is much higher, many years are necessary so that they reveal their full potential.

The selection and blending of the different eaux-de-vie that enter into the composition of a Cognac is a critical step for the quality of the final product.  CROIX MARON Cognacs are the result of a production method "Small Batch" for a very crafted product. To complete the final balance, the blend is brought to the desired alcohol content then comes the "marriage", final step during which the Cognac rest for more than a year before being bottled.